The Society for Philosophy of Emotion (SPE) organizes author-meets-critics sessions for recently published books, which typically take place during one of the annual American Philosophical Association meetings. For information regarding upcoming author-meets-critics sessions, please visit the SPE EVENTS page.

The commentaries and responses for these author-meets-critics sessions are also double-anonymously peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion. Book symposium, including author's précis, comments, and replies, of approximately 3,000 words in length (maximum), excluding notes and references, that present a discussion of an interesting or unique perspective, argument, or solution on a particular problem or question in the area of philosophy of emotion.

We invite publishers and authors to submit their forthcoming publications for an author-meets-critics session and a book symposium. Please note, however, that all participants, including commentators, in an author-meets-critics session must be members of the SPE at the time of the session. Information about SPE membership can be found on the SPE MEMBERS page.

Please complete the AUTHOR MEETS CRITICS & SYMPOSIUM REQUEST FORM in order to submit a forthcoming book for an SPE sponsored author-meets-critics session and book symposium. When doing so, please also make sure that the author has agreed in advance to participate in the proposed session and symposium.