The Society for Philosophy of Emotion (SPE) was established as an association of scholars who are interested in philosophical concerns about emotion, broadly construed, from a wide range of philosophical and interdisciplinary perspectives, and across all traditions. The SPE holds that philosophers of emotion can learn from emotion experts in other areas and disciplines, and vice versa. It seeks to encourage an open exchange of ideas on emotion, does not promote any specific ideology, and shares the core values of diversity, inclusiveness, collegiality/community, honesty, integrity, the principle of charity, rigorous scholarship, and clarity of content with its associated Journal of Philosophy of Emotion (JPE). The SPE is also an affiliated group with the American Philosophical Association (APA), and as such, members are welcome to present works in progress during the SPE Affiliated Group Sessions at any of the annual APA meetings. All the funds generated from SPE membership fees, minus the amount dedicated to support the JPE fulfill its mission, are reinvested to help the SPE fulfill its mission.

If you would like to support the SPE in pursuing its mission, please consider becoming a member and/or making a donation to the SPE. To do so, please go to the Membership Payment Page, and follow the given instructions.