Member Recognition


The SPE would like to celebrate our member's achievement and life on the SPE's website, Google, Groups, Facebook page, and the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion (JPE), and we welcome members to help us do so. We therefore ask members and non-members to please complete the Member Recognition Form, and please make sure to provide the following necessary information:

  • A member's receipt of an award: Full award information, including award granting entity

  • A member's recent publication: Full publication citation information, including link to the publication or DOI

  • A member's job placement, promotion, or retirement: Full placement or promotion information, including start date, department, and institution information

  • A member's passing: Contact information of a loved one with whom the SPE may correspond with

Once this information has been received, the SPE will create a webpage and distribute the information on a monthly basis. These announcements will also be published in the forthcoming issue of the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion.

On the event of a member's passing, the SPE will also try to work with the member's loved ones in order to organize the writing of a eulogy that will be published in the The Daily Nous, the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion, and the SPE website.

Please note that because this is a member service, the person being recognized must be a current member of the SPE, although anyone can submit information through this form.

Please contact the director of the SPE if you have any questions or concerns.