Payment page

A regular SPE membership is $20 (USD) and student membership $5 (USD). Scholars who reside in countries with significantly disparate exchange rates with USD should contact Cecilea Mun to discuss ways to offset the dipsarity before paying any membership fee. Your membership will expire in December 31 of the following year. You can also donate any amount you would like to help support the SPE in pursuing its mission, and you can elect your donation to go towards any of the following:

  • SPE Future Operating Costs

  • American Philosophical Association Conference AV Fees

  • Graduate Student Member Travel Fund

  • Underfunded Professional SPE Member Travel Fund

  • Disability Access Travel Fund

  • SPE Director Travel Fund

Furthermore, for a donation of $250 (USD) or more, you can become an SPE Benefactor.

Once you make your payment selection, you will be taken to your cart to make any adjustments regarding the quantity of the payments you would like to make. The quantity is especially pertinent if you are making a donation since the payment option is set at a donation of $1 and you must adjust the quantity as you see fit.

Thank you for your support!