Advice for Optimizing APA Main Program/SPE-APA Affiliated Program Proposals

Suggestion 1: I recommend that SPE members consider working with other SPE members to propose at least one session on your current research topic for a future APA session. You are welcome to reach out to each other by posting an email on this SPE Google Group (available only to members) to let people know you are looking for other researchers on a particular topic. Here is a link to the information to submit an APA paper or invited session proposal: https://www.apaonline.org/page/papersubmission. You can submit your own paper to the main program, as well as propose an invited session (both is fine). Please make sure to read all the info provided and meet the deadlines given. Note that no one can guarantee that your paper or proposed session will be selected, but you never know and the probability is at least possible compared to not submitting anything. Plus, if your paper or proposal does not get accepted, consider suggestion number two (below).

Suggestion 2: Submit a proposal to the SPE for an SPE-APA affiliated group session (read below for details). Note that the due dates for an SPE event proposal should be after people have already received their decisions from the APA for any main program proposals. This was intentional. So, if anything changes on the APA end about announcing their decisions, an email will be sent out notifying SPE members that event proposal due dates have changed to after those announcements have been made. (Note: APA due dates often change, so it’s always a good idea to check back on the website or contact the APA division reps if you need a definite answer about due dates). 

The Society for Philosophy of Emotion (SPE) organizes book symposium sessions and other kinds of sessions, which typically take place during one of the annual American Philosophical Association meetings. Anyone (regardless of whether you are an SPE member) can propose a book symposium or other kind of session to be organized by the SPE, but all session participants, besides the chair, must be members of the SPE at the time of the session. For information regarding upcoming sessions, please visit the APA AFFILIATED GROUP SESSIONS page. 

Membership and Registration Requirements for the SPE and APA: 

Before submitting a session proposal, please make sure you have the following information available. It will be necessary in order to complete the submission form:

Please also make sure to submit your proposals by the following due date in order to ensure that your proposal will be considered. Later proposals may also be welcome, but will be subject to session availability. Furthermore, please note the deadlines posted by the APA to help you better understand the constraints that session organizers must work with. The SPE will also adjust these due dates accordingly, based on any notification we receive from the APA about author notifications for the main session.

(Due dates are for the year prior to the relevant conference. For example, if the relevant conference year is 2023, then the due date for a proposal for that year would be in 2022.) 

For more information about APA conferences, grants, etc., please see the following, and associated, webpage and contact the APA with further questions: APA Meetings.

To submit a session proposal, please make sure you have carefully read and understood the above information, and complete the following SPE-APA Affiliated Group Session Proposal Form (linked below).