Please pay your membership fee or make a donation to the SPE by following the instructions on the Membership/Donation Payment page. Please also make sure to provide your contact information, when completing your membership or donation payment. The information generated during your payment process will be retained for our membership records. 

For US residents, if you would rather bi-pass paying any PayPal fees, please contact Cecilea Mun to arrange sending your membership through an alternative method.

Benefits: The sole purpose of the SPE is to provide opportunities for collaborative research and theorizing in the area of philosophy of emotion. SPE members will have the benefit of being a part of a community of scholars who share their interests in the philosophy of emotion, including members of the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion's (JPE's) editorial staff and advisory board. Only members will be able to take advantage of these opportunities, including submitting proposals for the APA Affiliated Group sessions, proposing online reading groups, RSVP-ing for SPE events, and communicating with other members through the SPE member Google email group. Furthermore, SPE membership fees also go towards supporting the publishing costs of the JPE, and members will receive a manuscript (e.g., article, symposium contribution, book review) submission fee waiver from the JPE as long as they are current members of the SPE.

Membership Requirements:

General Duties and Powers of SPE Members: 

Membership Fee: The SPE has a flat rate membership of $5 for students and underemployed scholars, and $20 for all other scholars will be implemented. Please pay for your membership through the SPE online store, using the link provided below. I also hope that the SPE will gain some institutional support someday so as to eliminate the necessity of a membership fee and to implement only a member donation scheme in order to fund any future SPE events.

JPE Editorial Board, Advisory Board, and Staff Members: All JPE editorial board, advisory board, and staff members receive a complimentary SPE membership for the extent of their service. Please simply contact Cecilea Mun in order to activate your membership. If you would also like to receive a complimentary membership with the SPE, please consider joining the JPE team by following this link: JOIN THE JPE TEAM

Membership Period and Renewals: Members may sign-up or renew their membership at any time throughout the year, but all memberships will expire on December 31, of the subsequent year. This adjustment has been made to bring the SPE membership period inline with the American Philosophical Association conference schedule. 

Membership Certification: Your Paypal transaction receipt is your membership certificate and your Paypal transaction number is your membership ID number. So, your membership ID number will change with every membership renewal. Please make sure you maintain a copy of your Paypal transaction receipt in order to provide your most recent membership ID number when completing any SPE forms.  

Membership Cancellation: Each member may cancel their membership for any reason and at any time, however, no membership fee will be refunded due to cancellations.