SPE members can communicate with each other through the SPE Google Group, and receive the most up-to-date information on the SPE, for example, the SPE newsletter, which is initially released through the SPE Google Group and then posted on the SPE website after 1 month of its release through the SPE Google Group. Also, any time the SPE reaches out for volunteers for a professional service opportunity (to comment on a paper, chair a session, contribute to an edited collection, etc.), which also often provide opportunities to network, an announcement will be release a through the SPE Google Group a week before it is announce on the SPE Facebook page and PHILOS-L, unless there is a very quick turnaround time, as with last minute replacement situations. Often at times, such opportunities are based on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, the SPE Google Group should give you a bit of an advantage in volunteering for professional service activities, and possible networking opportunities.

Please note that you must be a member in order to be sent an invitation to the SPE Google Group. All members will be automatically added to the Google group. Please make sure you check your email, including your spam box, for a notification. If you do not receive a notification shortly (approx. 7 days) after doing so, please contact Cecilea Mun through the contact info provided on the SPE website.

Benefits of the SPE Google Group:

However, we would appreciate it if every member is respectful of other members' time and to have the values of diversity and inclusiveness in mind when reaching out to others. A good rule of thumb for networking is to first send out an email to the entire group and to work with those who respond. Another good rule of thumb is to only contact a particular member if they are the only person who can help you with your concern. Furthermore, please do not be offended if a particular member does not respond to your email. In most cases it does not reflect anything about the sender and it instead could reflect the receiver's status of being over committed. None of this, however, should deter members to reach out to other members since one would never know whether or how another member can help unless one does so.