SPE members are welcome to request help with planning and executing an online SPE EVENT. If you are a member of the SPE and would like to organize, plan, or manage an SPE online event, please provide the following information on the SPE by completing the SPE ONLINE EVENT PLANNING FORM (linked below).

  1. Please provide a description/abstract for the event (approx. 500 words). In your response, please make sure you include any preliminary information for planning purposes (e.g., event schedule, participants, etc.).

  2. Please indicate if you would like the SPE to help with any of the following for the proposed online SPE event:

    • Link an interest survey, which you have created, on the SPE website in order for you to poll members regarding their interest in participating in your event. You can use the various survey options that are freely available online (e.g., Survey Monkey, Google Forms).

    • Post your event information in the SPE Events Calendar.

    • Help organize the event, which can include help with getting participants, scheduling, hosting, etc.

We recommend using Zoom for your online event, but please note that the SPE is currently using Zoom's free service and you should be aware of its limitations. Other than Zoom, we also suggest using Google Hangout. The SPE also plans to purchase a Zoom membership for any future meetings if there is a need and the funds available to do so.