The SPE hosts one social event during each of the three, annual APA conferences (Eastern, Central, and Pacific). These events are typically dinners at a local restaurant and all are welcome, but space will be limited and you must be a member to RSVP. Please also note that the SPE will do what it can to accommodate a diversity of food preferences when selecting a location for each social event, and each attendee will be responsible for their own bill.

To RSVP for a SPE Social Event, please complete the SPE-APA Social Event RSVP Form (linked below) by the noted due date, and more detailed information regarding each SPE Social Event will be released on the SPE calendar as it becomes available. So, please make sure to keep up-to-date by checking the SPE Events Calendar.

RSVP Due Dates (Yearly):

  1. Eastern APA - RSVP by December 1.

  2. Central APA - RSVP by February 1.

  3. Pacific APA - RSVP by March 1.